Huge Nashua NH car crash; cops trash reporter + Mike Gannon updates (2). ….. Huge Car Crash in Downtown Nashua, cops threaten reporter + new Mike Gannon police abuse statements. Videos from phone cam loading, wish I had my real camera with me but whatever…. So once again I just went for a ride to Nashua on the (now) trusty Triumph (a/k/a “Bessie” or “Christine” depending on her mood and dodgy British electrics)…. and look what I saw: I found out that some liar from Peddler’s Daughter is going to testify that Mike Gannon was swearing at LE Detectives who are soon to be subject to a Bivens action — well I have their names now so will publish soon, not a true Bivens action then but whatever, the key is, as I said in the FBI First Amendment/Free Press journal entry with video, I don’t give a damn what this guy says, it’s all about the video that Mike Gannon was shooting when the cops got upset and confiscated his property. It is exculpatory evidence that must be turned over to him for viewing under LE supervision. I will be there to video it myself as I did in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy with Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Greg Floyd and Kelly Ayotte coverup. More on my observations about that video when the Hollywood movie of Casey Sherman’s novel “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains” debuts. That’s Casey and Yours Truly on location, where I filmed all of my “Bowfinger/Bad Blood” series. Yep. But I digress: As noted in the single link, supra, Nashua LE should have turned over the 2006 videos