Hollie Greig Scandal – talk by Robert Green 1 of 5.flv.flv

This video will probably be removed by YouTube so am uploading it here to duplicate it. Please share this far and wide, its very important. If this disappears off You Tube ask, why? If the police don’t investigate and prosecute in this case ask, why? If the police and government keep a gagging order which is for national security slapped on Robert Green for talking about children being raped ask, why? Why is he not allowed to speak? Why was he arrested by the police when the victims he is speaking up for named their abusers and gave the names and all the details to the police (Grampian Police btw) and the police didn’t even interview anyone. This is beyond scandalous, bring these people to justice. The media won’t cover this, the police arrest the people speaking up. WE have to spread this and bring justice. ENOUGH! This case is massive ladies and gents. Please circulate far and wide. Here are some links to articles on it and at the bottom is a link to the facebook group formed about it. UK Column article www.ukcolumn.org Article on Scotish Law blogspot scottishlaw.blogspot.com Article on David Icke forum www.davidicke.com UK Column article Angiolini: Covering for Paedophilia? www.ukcolumn.org Press and Journal article Sex abuse familys legal adviser arrested Campaigner was going to hand out leaflets By Ryan Crighton Published: 13/02/2010 www.pressandjournal.co.uk www.pressandjournal.co.uk UK Column article Child Rapists Protected By The State www.ukcolumn.org DA Notices