Government using Microsoft to SPY on YOU (CHECK THE LINKS ASAP)

Take a look at this! Before I add lots of links I would like to thank YouTube and RTAmerica. Cryptome is where I found the information linking Joseph Stack to September 11th 2001. PLEASE PLEASE see my video here- All I want is the truth in my lifetime, Joseph Stack has ties with the destruction of 9/11. His website is archived on Cryptome and his phone number registers to the Texas Governors Mansion. Does anyone think that is weird? You want the truth? Joe Stack Web Site- PayPal Spying Guide- MySpace Spying Guide- Microbiologist Meryl Nass on FBI Anthrax SNAFU- Obama’s Afpak Military Dead- Microsoft Global Criminal Spy Guide- Facebook Lawful Spying Guide- Skype Lawful Spying Guide- FBI Confidential File Room- Masterspy Fact Sheet- Afghanistan Wartime Architecture January 2010- Expansion of Financial Spying- Law of War Deskbook 2010- Chip and PIN is Broken- Chinese Israeli Spy Connection- Haiti Airport Military Media Bivouacs 1994-2010- Haiti Photos Galore- US and UN Growth in Haiti- Masterspy Fact Sheet- No links found about YouTube :) Thankyou to RussiaToday, and visit ASAP http