GHOSTS OF PAST: Nazi secret base found in Argentina???

Many WWII researchers and conspiracy theorists are convinced that the most of nazi officers got hidden in South America, after Berlin allies assault, including Hitler that supposedly lived in Argentina ’till the end of his days. I was checking a hint from Above Top Secret forum, about a possible UFO and an alien base caught by Google Earth in southern Argentina and I assume that what I saw in those images are evidences of possible nazi underground base entrances within a very isolated forest area, near of the coast (references, Trinidad and Ananda Island). I marked each single place that I found objects that suggest that the supposed “alien” base reported on ATS, could be a nazi secret base, actually. The coordinates are: -39°22’19.61”W, -62°1’34.67”S -39°20’18.50”W, -62°1’28.13”S -39°20’47.48”W, -62°3’18.51”S -39°20’52.77”W, -62°3’07.29”S The ATS threat is: