Gay Hate Crime, Homophobia & HIV : Shattered Lives

Reflecting upon impact & affect of HOMOPHOBIA and/or HIV/AIDS upon the lives of gay men. Represented through ceramic ‘raku’ fired pottery shards of male torso sculptures, created by Malcolm Lidbury. “I do not think there is a problem of homophobia within Devon & Cornwall Constabulary…I KNOW there is a genuine & sinister problem of homophobic attitudes & practises protected within this police force in 2009” Malcolm Lidbury has been relentlessly persicuted by a homophobic motivated members of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, who have run & contributed to a ‘Gay Hate Vendetta’ against him since 2004. There is very little honesty, integrity, impartiality or transparency of conduct amongst the majority of the Cornwall police officers I have encountered in Cornwall since 2004. “When I see a Cornwall Police officer, it is for me as a gay man like looking at someone who holds views similar to that of a Neo- Nazi against gay people, that is my bitter experience of Cornwall police corruption, abuse, trauma, impact & affect… Cornwall Police = I KNOW they ARE the Homophobic Hate Crime problem” M Lidbury 2009