EXPOSED! G20 Toronto Police Agent Provocateurs in Video and Photos – WATCH @ 2:35 for total proof

MY UNDERSTANDING OF ANARCHY/BLACK BLOC HAS DEEPENED. THIS VIDEO IS JUST FOR INTERESTED PEOPLE TO WATCH, NO LONGER REFLECTING IN ITS ENTIRETY MY VIEWS OF EVENTS. REFERENCE ONLY! —-original text for video————— Cops dressed as anarchists? Leading the violence? Matching boots? Police tactics? Could it be true?….you decide….. To accompany NUMEROUS eyewitness accounts of ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists removing their masks then disappearing toward/behind police lines, here is some revealing evidence. Please help find more footage and spot more things (like the ‘black bloc’ carrying an RCMP club at 1:17 or the anarchist’s suspicious bulge at 5:51) Send me some links to good raw stuff, we can help make a better video! Peace