Egyptian Protests 2011 – Powerful Video

Powerful footage of the Egyptian Riots of 2011. Song: “Into the Fire” – Thirteen Senses. The 2011 Egyptian Protests are a series of street demonstrations, protests, and acts of civil disobedience that began in Egypt on 25 January 2011, a day selected by April 6 Youth Movement organisers to coincide with the National Police Day holiday. While localised protests had been common in previous years, the 2011 protests have been the largest demonstrations seen in Egypt since the 1977 Egyptian Bread Riots and “unprecedented” in scope, drawing participants from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and faiths. The demonstrations and riots occurred in the weeks after the Tunisian uprising, with many protesters carrying Tunisian flags as a symbol of their influence. Grievances for Egyptian protesters have focused on legal and political issues including police brutality, state of emergency laws, lack of free elections and free speech, and corruption, as well as economic issues including high unemployment, food price inflation, and low minimum wages. Demands from protest organizers included rights of freedom and justice, the end of the Hosni Mubarak regime, and a new government that represents the interests of the Egyptian people. Please feel free to check out my other videos and subscribe –