Egypt – Culling Protestors – Paid Mubarak Supporters Violence Against Peaceful Protestors

3 Feb 2011 Egypt Camels and Horses Storm in Tahrir Square Mubarak’s Supporters Struggle do Have Their Voice – (leading edge Propaganda to the planned violence) Hint of Intent to Chemtrail Protestors to Death (Egypt Airline to be used to dispatch Protestors) Bloody Crackdown Against Egypt Protestors “Mubarak’s Supporters Strike Back” (notice the headline of this Main Stream propaganda advances the BS notion that the peaceful protestors struck first.) West Govs Promote Protestor Bloodbath with Worry Hostile F16s on Israels Door Step Stick Armed Protestors Capture Looters Obama and Clinton believe Egypt Dictatorship is Stable The Cowardice that Surrounds Mubarak – Police Chiefs Disappear Egyptian Soldiers Used to Disarm Protesters to Facilitate Tyrants Goon Squad Murder Mubarak Supporters Kill Protestors in Planned Violence – Molotov Cocktails, Knives and Camels used Against Peaceful Protestors Obama Backs Bloodbath in Egypt 2 Articles Connecting the dots between Nobel Prize Winner Mohamed El Baradei, Color Revolution Organizer Billionaire George Soros and the CIA