Drinking Police Officer Leaves His Baby in Car Alone officer Nick Dine pulls gun been drinking

A Greenwood Police officer has been put on unpaid leave after, the department says, he was rude to a resident when the officer’s child was left unattended in a car outside a local restaurant. Officer Nick Dine, the son of Greenwood Police Lt. Bob Dine, left the child in a civilian car parked outside Applebee’s. According to the charges, Greenwood police were called to the restaurant to investigate a disturbance involving Dine and William Shafer. Shafer told police he saw Dine leave a child unattended in a car while he entered Applebee’s and the adjacent O’Charley’s restaurants. Dine entered Applebee’s and “almost immediately exited,” then entered and left O’Charley’s within five minutes, according to the charges. After he confronted Dine, Shafer claimed Dine argued and asked Shafer if he and people he was with were “rednecks” and if they lived in a trailer. When Shafer threatened to call police, Dine produced a badge and said, “I am the police,” the charges state. Dine also pulled a gun from an ankle holster and placed it in his back pocket, according to the charges. Other officers soon arrived on the scene. Sgt. James Ison detected an odor of alcohol on Dine, according to the charges. Dine twice refused to take a breath test, the report said. Dine, 26, was not arrested, and there is no indication that Child Protective Services intervened or launched an investigation. Bob Dine is a 33-year veteran of the department who announced last week his plans to run against