Dr. Abbasi – New York Influenza 1/8 – دكتر حسن عباسي

سخنراني دكتر حسن عباسي (آنفولانزاي نيويوركي (بهار 1386 دکترين هاي آمريکا عليه ايران 1 قسمت Part 1 of 8 زبان: فارسی Language: Farsi Lecture by foreign affairs scholar and strategist Prof. Dr. Hassan Abbassi, highlighting the failures of imperialism against the Islamic Republic. Faced with succesful Iranian resistance under president Ahmadinejad, global arrogance was compelled to review its strategies more than once, but to no avail. Alternately trying the “carrot and stick”, the “good cop / bad cop”, “trigger mechanism”, “shock & awe”, “chicken” and “frog” games, powers to be now seek to spread “New York Influenza” syndrome to the people of Iran… A comprehensive review of tactics serving the US-Israeli and agenda of a “New Middle East” order, including: – psychological war and constantly threatening military strikes, – in a push for UN economic sanctions, fearmongering over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, – pillaging Iraq’s oil resources, bombarding Lebanon, oppressing the Palestinian people, – creating and promoting ethnic tensions, sectarian divide (Shia Sunni) with the aim of destabilizing the social fabric of targetted countries, – launching a campaign of islamophobia along with anti-Iran movies such as “300”, supposed to break national identity and pride, – vastly exaggerating Iran’s domestic issues, then using bogus pretexts to interfere (such as democracy, human rights or feminism), while using torture on prisoners at Abu Ghraib, suppressing individual freedoms