Don’t Panic! Assange is CIA? Julian Assange in full

Don’t Panic! Assange is CIA? December 5, 2010 – recorded 13:30 EST Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Cables: Talking about WikiLeaks’ cablegate can hinder job placements: Is Wikileaks a front for the CIA or Mossad? Supporters dismissed rape accusations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange… but the two women involved tell a different story WIKILEAKS Press Conference SVT Forum 3/5 (Sofia Wilen at 3:41) WIKILEAKS Press Conference SVT Forum 3/5: (Both women are at ~10 mins in this one) Assange: Aftonbladet’s ‘Inside Story’: Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over and Over Again: Sweden’s reputation is on trial in Julian Assange case Leaks from Wikileaks – for a giggle: Just for a laff – New Orwellian Dictionary (NOD) The truth leaks out: Online version of Underground: (Literary Freeware) PDF: Q&A: An Interview With Julian Assange (Early next year, WikiLeaks’ chief says a major American bank will discover all its innermost workings exposed to the world.) WikiLeaks’ War on Secrecy: Truth’s Consequences: Who Will Be TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year? Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea: Wider Window Into Iran’s Missile Capabilities Offers a Murkier View: Experts cast doubt on Iran missile cache