Do you personally know anyone who is better off because of Trump’s presidency?

Robert Spintree: 15 years in Field Investigations, 36 years IT Consulting.

Yes. This middle income IT consultant. My take home pay increased by about 300 per month. My withholding decreased by that amount.

I believed the media which said I would pay April 15. So I waited to the last week to have my taxes done. Rather than paying a additional 6 or 7,000 as in previous years, I got a $300+ refund, which the IRS applied to my daughter’s college loan despite the fact that she is not behind or anything on those loan payments.

My experience is very typical of those in my middle income bracket and who are forced to pay thousands in Federal taxes.

Of course, even with my withholding being about 300 per month less, the IRS still got many thousands out of my paycheck.

These alleged conservatives who say “Only the rich pay taxes” are dissing me and I don’t like it. To me $17,000 means more than 17 million does to Bezos.

(Does Bezos pay taxes?)

Kevin Travis: American citizen and student of history with non-selective memory.

Everyone who pays taxes. Everyone who benefits from those taxes because collections are up.

There is a social media meme that only the rich benefited from the tax rate decrease. It isn’t true – most taxpayers benefited. Democrats like to say it benefited only the rich, but that is a lie.

Forbes wrote on April 9 reasons people “feel” like they did not get a tax cut. But we rely on facts, not feelings.

The New York Times wrote on April 14th that people DID get a tax cut. The NYT reports people say they didn’t but they did.

Go by facts, not feelings. Face It: You (Probably) Got a Tax Cut

Thomas Alex: Computer Systems Technology. Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Every American who works and pays taxes is better off. I am certainly better off and so is my 401k. The Stock Market is up 8,348 points since Trump was elected, just 3 years ago.

Charles Walters: Heavy Equipment Manager 2016-present.

I know about 40 people. I see them everyday I go to work. Without trump we wouldn’t have our current jobs. I make twice as much a year as I’ve ever made in my life. Thank you trump for bringing well paying jobs back to America.

Ken Busi: US citizen Studied at New York Institute of Technology. Lives in Spring, Texas.

I certainly do. And while several others have told me they are significantly better off now than they were the day Trump took office, and improved small business and consumer confidence numbers would indicate that many others believe they too are better off, the one person I know beyond a doubt that is better off is me.

Chris Ungaro: BS from Pace University, Pleasantville, NY Lives in Beacon, New York.

I am much better off as are many people I know personally. More business, new/better jobs, no health care fines, investments doing great, more positive outlook, higher real estate values. All of this rippling through the economy and how people are feeling.

Miki Fenn: Retired, Bachelor of Arts History & Education, Columbia College. Lives in Lexington, KY, I’ve lived in six different states.

What do you mean better off? If you mean economically the answer is a resounding “Yes!” More people have jobs now than they have had in decades. The economy has improved. Many feel happier with a President who works hard for our well being and safety.

Many are concerned at the continual harassment of our President. We will be happier when Pelosi begins to care more for US citizens than she does for illegal immigrants.

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