Demonstrators in Egypt rail against brutality, man’s death

Protesters in Egypt stage a demonstration over death of 28-year-old businessman. CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports. Alexandria, Egypt (CNN) — Mohamed ElBaradei, the former chief of the UN atomic agency and now an Egyptian reformist figure, joined thousands of people in Alexandria on Friday to protest the death of an Egyptian man and shine a light on police brutality. Khaled Said died after police dragged him out of an internet cafe in Alexandria on June 6 — a fatality that has since become a lightning rod for human rights activists. Witnesses said two plainclothes police officers beat Said, 28, to death. Egyptian authorities said he died from asphyxiation after he swallowed a packet of drugs. A photograph of his pummeled face is on a Facebook page devoted to him. Video: Egyptians rail against beating death RELATED TOPICS Egypt Human Rights Policy Torture Police Human Rights Watch The circumstances behind Said’s death are unclear. Police say he was wanted for theft and weapons possession and that he resisted arrest. Supporters say he was targeted for trying to expose official corruption. The government says it is still investigating the death. ElBaradei visited Said’s family Friday to offer his condolences, went to Friday prayers at the Sidi Gaber mosque, and moved through the crowds of protesters as security forces stood guard at the demonstration. He told CNN that such a beating is a practice out of the Middle Ages. “I think the message should be clear,” said ElBaradei, making