Cops Attack People in Peoria without Orders in collusion with Magellan Health Services, Inc. P 100

First Video of 5, Magellan Health Services Inc. ENDANGER HUMAN LIFE. Mathew Fisher and Norman Sartor allegedly with Northern Arizona University Students orchestrate an attack and ambush on innocent citizens in retaliaton for reporting fraud and abuse of the idiot holding the bad (Sartor) and dufus in the flower shirt (Fisher). They are in collusion with Crooked Peoria Arizona Police all of whom are not yet identified, however, the ambush and attack resulting in assault to the woman in the video and nearly a broken arm for the man they are desperately trying to coerce out of the home using a bag of food as bait for an illegal act. The Magellan employees are more likely than not going to jail now and without question they are violating every aspect of Federal HIPAA LAW. Sartor is an Administrator for Magellan and has been reported for falsifying billing and subverting the process of reporting his abuse of consumers or patients as he is also doing here blatantly. Fisher is a grossly unqualified so called case manager who also falsifies information to cover up his own inabilities and is here as a cocky puppet expecting his set up with liar cops (calling themselves students from NAU then “interns” in the following videos) but the plan fails and the citizens are ready with the video camera and survelance all over the property. This video shows the desperation of the discrepant Arizona Department of Health Services to cover up a long history of intentional abuse and neglect if