Cop illegally Stalks the Copstoppers Team – Jan. 3, 2010

January 3rd, 2010. The 1st crime of the New Year! Cop named “SMITH” drives recklessly and illegally to chase down the CopStoppers camera crew, follows them from 42nd street to 15th street, whom did nothing to warrant a stalking activity. We had been driving around for 3 hours, didnt see a single springfield cop, but then, 1/4 mile south of 42nd street, a springfield cop drives Southbound past the Northbound Copstoppers Car. The cop makes an illegal u-turn in the road, and chases them down. – Just a tip, THAT”S AGGREVATED STALKING! (and it’s a FEDERAL CRIME!) – pig didnt know that, apparently.