Comedian Bill Maher On “Stupid America” & Joe Biden – Gaffe Machine part 2

Comedian Bill Maher On “Stupid Country”, Professor Gates Arrest,” Obama’s 6 month in the office & Joe Biden – Gaffe Machine///// Maher: Bad Attitude of the Police is the Reason for Scandal. //// Does Joe Bidens detestation of Russia have immense danger to the Presidents policy of improving relationship with country, that has the second most powerful military in the world , or is it just another weird episode in Joe Bidens really odd behavior since he took office in Obama administration? Joe Biden happens to be the Vice President of the US. Hes also known as Biden Gaffe Machine and not without merit. Domestically, he made his mark by advising the Americans not to take any commercial flights or to ride on trains because the swine flu virus can spread in confined places. I would tell members of my family and I have I wouldnt go anywhere in confined places now. The near panic that ensued, naturally, had to be calmed down by the combined efforts of the rest of the Obama administration. Then the man decides to get himself involved in affairs international and opines, publicly, that Israel, as a sovereign nation was entitled to decide on a strike against Iran. This time his boss, President Obama had to rush to the rescue personally to deflect Joe Bidens claim and to underscore that no, the United States of America had absolutely not given Israel a green light to have Iran blown to smithereens. Most recently, Joe Bidens oral talents and powers of persuasion were employed to work