Chichen Itza pyramid light beam: HOAX???!!!!

READ IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ok guys, it seems this video is bothering some people. The photos made in front of the Kukulkan pyramid where appears a beam of light, were supposedly taken by a guy named Héctor Siliezar and his wife Glenda Hernández, a couple that, according to Jaime Maussan, lives in California, USA. Assuming that Massimo Fratini just analyzed the images in his computer, is still strange the fact that the hi-res photos ARE NOT available to public on internet. It seems that Jaime Maussan is totally manipulating the information about this case. IMO, an event with such importance should be open to world wide investigation. I’m still asking WHERE ARE THE HI-RES PHOTOS that could corroborate the authenticity of this “light beam”??? Just for this record, I researched for the Siliezar family in California and I couldn’t find absolutely nothing about Hector Siliezar either Glenda Hernandez. If these images are authentic, I invite this couple to put the photos AVAILABLE on internet to allow further investigations. 20°40’58.37”N, 88°34’07.42”W