Caller Jack from Japan: Let’s Send Ann Coulter to Fukushima

Let’s Send Ann Coulter to Fukushima Kurt Nimmo March 21, 2011 Last week faux conservative and shameless self-promoter Ann Coulter went on the Bill O’Reilly Show and said “radiation is good for you” in response to questions about the Fukushima nuclear reactors (see video below). She claimed that a growing body of evidence shows exposure to high levels of harmful radiation actually reduces cancer. On her website, Coulter wrote an article entitled A glowing report on radiation, in which she wrote: “With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.” She declared “excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine.” On his nationally syndicated radio show today, Alex Jones offered to foot the bill and send Ms. Coulter to Fukushima where she might deliver a speech on the benefits of radiation. Let’s encourage Coulter to take Alex up on his offer. She can be reached through Premiere Speakers Bureau. Send Coulter a message and encourage her not to miss this opportunity to defend her ideas.