Busted: Wikileaks Working For Israel

Read Full Article :By Gordon Duff BUSTED — WIKILEAKS WORKING FOR ISRAEL ur1.ca Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks www.youtube.com Julian Assange: The Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year ur1.ca Wikileaks: A clever way to sell Propaganda by sandwiching it in with the obvious www.youtube.com Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer of Able Danger on WikiLeaks Self Promotion www.youtube.com Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ? www.brasschecktv.com CorbettReport.com & MediaMonarchy.com. This week we look exclusively at the massive media hype surrounding Wikileaks, wider wars & the future of the web. origin: www.youtube.com Sources & Documentation: Wikileaks Drops ‘Afghan War Diaries’ ur1.ca Secret/Leaks: Truth Serving Lies with CIA/Mossad Oversight ur1.ca Wikileaks ‘Revelations’ Will Comfort Warmongers, Confirm Conventional Wisdom ur1.ca Wikileaks Plays the Sucker with Afghan War Logs ur1.ca Video: John Young of Cryptome.org on Wikileaks Skepticism ur1.ca Now you can go to NewWorldNextWeek.com to get hi-quality episodes for your device of choice. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report http & Media Monarchyur1.ca Thank you. RedactedNews.com Julian Assange The Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year ur1.ca Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job ur1.ca THE WIKI-WEASEL, WE THOUGHT WE HAD SEEN IT ALL… ur1.ca Why Wikileaks Doesn’t Add Up ur1.ca Shadow Government: CIA, Mossad and Soros Behind Wikileaks ur1.ca Wikileaks: Conspiracy Theory and the Assange