Cody Hess, host of Truth Exposed Radio and WeAreChange San Antonio member, gets into the breaking news about the American-born grandson of a founding member of ADL, Adam Gadahn, calling for American Muslims to purchase firearms and launch lone-wolf attacks. This is clear propaganda to demonize the 2nd Amendment as well as incite fear. Note, recent news has revealed President Obama has stated privately he will take action “under the radar” to regulate the right to bear arms. ——-My mistake, ADL is the Anti-Defamation League——- SOURCES: Truth Exposed Radio broadcasts live every Wednesday from 6-8 PM CDT on the Rule of Law Radio Network across 20 AM/FM stations nationwide. You can also visit to tune in via the internet. The show is hosted by WeAreChange San Antonio members Matthew Medina and Cody Hess. Tune in next Wednesday or catch the podcasts on iTunes.