Brazil Cops Filmed Shooting Unarmed Teen

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — SAO PAULO, BRAZIL NATIONS (BNO NEWS) — Sao Paulo police on Friday informed that six police officers were arrested after being caught on video beating and shooting a boy in Brazil. According to Globo TV, the six individuals are members of the Military Police and were charged with attempted murder. A seventh police officer involved has not been located as he is reportedly on vacation. In October 2010, a 14-year-old boy with no criminal record was beaten and shot five times by the seven military policemen in Manaus, Sao Paulo. They were recorded by a security camera. The police officers alleged that they attacked the boy as they were received with shots when they arrived to Manaus. The boy received five shots in the chest and barely survived after having his lung punctured. The case was referred to prosecutors until February as the boy and his family feared retaliation from the police officers. The victim and his relatives have been placed in Brazil’s Witness Protection Program. The video has been broadcasted in various channels in Brazil. In it, the 14-year-old is seen unarmed and cornered by the law agents without room to escape. The policemen pushed him repeatedly before shooting him in the chest. The seven police officers involved in the heinous attack are Janderson Bezerra Magalhaes, Andre Castillo, Wilson Henrique Ribeiro da Cunha, Rozivaldo Ferreira de Souza, Marcos Teixeira de Lima, Wesley Souza dos Santos, Alexandre Souza dos Santos