Bob Chapman’s Friday Report 3/18/11: UN Calls The Shots Now, NOT Obama or Congress!! 1/2

International Forecaster Weekly An excerpt from Bob Chapman’s weekly publication. A picture worth 44 Billion Dollars A special look at tax cuts for the wealthy vs budget cuts for programs at risk. It looks like extending the Bush era tax cuts is simply a matter of taking from the poor and giving to the rich. …(full article). By Bob Chapman, March 16th, 2011.A picture worth 44 Billion dollars: The International Forecaster will return with a regular issue on March 23. The Fed Fails to Create the Stability it Dreams Of March 12th, 2011: Japan earthquake will shake the world economy, Oil prices an irritant to Wall Street rather than a lubricant, Fed wont spur growth, just inflation, a flat bottom for the economy or a while, lack of job creation and debt control, Sound economic growth hasn’t existed for 11 years and it is worse now than ever, PIMCO eliminates government debt from portfolio. Soros weighs in on public spending cuts in US, saying they will only hurt economic growth.