Bad Cop – “Daylight” – Lake Fever Sessions NBN

From the Lake Fever Sessions Next Big Nashville 2009 Showcase We all felt Next Big Nashville was a good experience. We got to play with bands we never normally play with, giving a new audience who normally would not attend our shows a chance to see us and dig it (that is, if they did). We feel the Nashville scene is growing as a whole. There is a lot more fun and creativity, people seem to be breaking out of the mold or trend of plastic music and just play what they enjoy, which is always good. But being a scene full of musicians, everyone wants to succeed, leaving an aroma of competition in the air. It is nice to see certain bands break down those walls and enjoy playing and exchanging idea's. There is starting to be a lot more of that in Nashville, which makes us happy. Unite! Overall, we had a good time. What's to complain? We got free food, got to play for a whole new crowd, and met some really cool people. Nashville is pretty cool. -Adam Moult, Bad Cop.