Ashes To Ashes Series 2: Episode 1 Part 1

Aired UK: Monday 20th April 2009, BBC 1, 9pm. When a man is found dead in a Soho strip club, it looks like a sex game has gone wrong. So when the deceased is discovered to be PC Sean Irvine, Gene and Alex are ordered to keep the case under wraps by Gene’s new boss, Detective Superintendent “Supermac” Mackintosh. Mac is determined to rid the force of police corruption and clean up the streets of London in the process; his no-nonsense attitude quickly impresses Alex and the team. PC Irvine was supposed to be clearing the streets of vice but Gene believes he was corrupted by the red lights of Soho. An incriminating photo of the copper with a mystery brunette, found near his body, seems to confirm Gene’s suspicions. However, Alex is troubled by Sean’s wife’s insistence that her husband wasn’t that sort of man, and when the pathologist uncovers signs that Sean was murdered, the team have to contend with the terrifying possibility that the killer could be one of their own. Meanwhile, sounds and messages from the future suggest to Alex that her circumstances have changed. Is there someone out there who can help her? No copyright infringement intended



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