Amy Goodman Reports on “Collateral Murder” WikiLeaks Video

Complete video at: Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman discusses “Collateral Murder,” a video posted to the website WikiLeaks that allegedly shows a US helicopter in Iraq attacking and killing civilians, including two Reuters news staff. “You see these individuals on the ground blown to pieces,” she says. “This shows the power of actually having the video tape, showing the pictures.” —– Amy Goodman has exposed human-rights violations in East Timor and Nigeria, has been arrested covering the Republican National Convention and was the first person to interview exiled Haitian President Aristide. “The role of reporters,” she says, “is to go to where the silence is and say something.” Known for her dedication to untold stories and issues that are chronically overlooked, Goodman has made a mark as an investigative journalist who looks beyond mainstream media news. Now it’s your chance meet the icon and ask her what the news should really be talking about. – Commonwealth Club of California Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!. She is co-author of the national best-seller The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media that Love Them, written with her brother David Goodman. The book was chosen by independent bookstores as the #1 political title of the 2004 election season. The book was also chosen as one of the top 50 nonfiction books of 2004 by the editors of Publishers Weekly. Democracy Now! is a national