Ami Horowitz asks Blacks, Whites & Hispanics if they support the police and feel safe & if cops lives matter.

I’m here in Williamsburg Brooklyn, hipster Mecca to get insight on how cops treat black people in America.

I’ve seen videos not necessarily in New York where just looks like cops are really out of control but if they’re greedy and they’re racist and is that just in New York its nationwide becoming a police state and they do whatever the hell they want an epidemic of brutality would you say yeah we think is there institutional racism in the police department yes absolutely not just in New York nationwide yeah yeah I’m not just in the police department and the country itself in the country itself I don’t personally believe in making huge blanket statements you know what I mean.

Do you feel that there’s like justifiable rage going on in this community yeah like in Harlem and I do yeah I think your age is completely justified I would say man a lot how do you feel like if you go to Harlem you would be like justify the rage against the police oh yeah hey cops ugly right for sure rage hatred I knew exactly where I had to go and what to do so here I am in East Harlem I wanted to see if I can get the community to sign a petition of support for the NYPD.

Hey man you support the NYPD I do support the NYPD do you feel like they’ve done a good job keeping the community er yeah I feel pretty good hey pretty good cops yes really do be I’m going to keep this commune secure to be more present I see more presents if you call nine-one-one they’ll come help and they have so far ok I’m glad to hear did you feel if you call 9-1-1 they’re gonna come oh yeah they’re gonna help you out actually know what they’re gonna do got a lot of signatures yeah there you go god bless you have a good one you too brother faked it.

Yep I think safe yeah the way I see it is they saved my life oh yeah like problems with me my girlfriend you know said I rested me you know just take yeah I don’t want to rush Justin I get not that serious right wallet the wallet stolen they came comfortable you know you know found it found a person that got to walnut bathroom they’re friendly I feel you know my brother was murdered over and he’s armed.

I’m sorry here then the cops were really I can say a great help when you get yeah yeah and she was helped they came and stopped a boyfriend from damn you halfway beat me to death for no frisky being he has issues you know because I think that he’s taking that away yeah really did put more people in danger you think so yeah at the end of the day people put themself on certain situations you’ve heard me and is there it’s police job to protect and you feel me?

Y’all life is just as valuable as ours so color doesn’t matter you support the NYPD white lies Puerto Rican live Jewish lives Scottish lives Nepalese lives there’s no way exactly you’re gonna come to a census of your life we all met that’s right how are you man you support the NYPD I prayed with him it’s a fun day NYPD every day.

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