American Soldiers, stationed in America told to fast during ramadan!?

American Soldiers, stationed in America told to fast during ramadan!?

eating during ramadan

Brigade Commander Col. Kevin Glasz gave his troops the following directive:

Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims.. oh, and learn more about islam.

“This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment in addition to renewed focus on worship, I’d like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion, but more importantly, I’m asking you to be considerate and do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues” said the Col to all active duty military personnel at the USU for the Department of Defense.

He urged our troops to show respect for islam, muslims and Ramadan which is a month-long religious period during which muslims refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours.

The brigade commander also sent links to websites about islam and ramadan to his soldiers.

One Marine who will remain anonymous stated: “I respect the intention behind this email, but note that there is no similar call honoring other faiths,” one Marine told me. “There is no similar invitation for non-Jewish colleagues to refrain from eating leavened products during Passover, or non-Christian colleagues to refrain from eating meat during Lent.  Our veterans have sacrificed too much blood, sweat and tears to have their own rights and freedoms be sacrificed on the altar of progressive political correctness.”

This is on the heels of Navy officials who, according to Stars & Stripes, recently ordered personnel to dress conservatively when out of uniform including long sleeved shirts for men and for women large blouses that must cover their elbows and absolutely no cleavage.  also for women all skirts and pants must cover the knees.

The military magazine Stars and Stripes reports that bases are conducting ramadan briefings and educating troops to muslim customs, the islamic lunar calendar and islamic courtesies and sayings. “It’s customary to say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ during Ramadan,” read a to-do list compiled by the NSA.


The military is bending over backwards to be culturally sensitive to those of the Islamic faith however they seem to care little for those of no faith and even less for those of christian faith.

Soldiers at Camp Shelby in Mississippi were told they could not use the word “christmas.”

A Texas Veterans hospital refused to accept holiday cards from children around America because the cards mentioned “christmas” or “god bless you.”

Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina removed their nativity scene due to complaints.

Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty is a surprised by the Pentagon’s recent behavior.

“Our troops are being told to respect the Muslim Ramadan and encouraged to say ‘Ramadan Kareem,’ while at the same time they cannot have a cross on chapels, display a manger scene or say ‘merry christmas’ for fear of offending, there is something wrong with this picture.”

The military has been telling officers to remove bibles from desks, ordering cadet to remove a bible verse from his personal whiteboard, ordering crosses be removed from outside of chapels and in at least one chapel in Virginia no crosses at all, anywhere… The pentagon is even ordering chaplains to no longer us the name “jesus” in their public prayers.

Is there an American funded department encouraging this?


Qaseem Uqdah, former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant, now heads the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council in Washington, D.C which helps to recruit muslim chaplains for the American armed forces.

He says there are about around 15,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and Coast Guard who are Muslim and study the quran.

Is there any difference between muslim soldiers and soldiers of different or no faith?

Some American Muslims in the military have said they are uncomfortable having to fight against Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq.

In June 2004, Sgt. 1st Class Abdullah Webster was jailed for refusing to deploy to Iraq; he had previously served with the military in Kosovo, where the enemy had been Serbian, not Muslim.  Air Force Chaplain Captain Hamza Al-Mubarak testified on Sgt. Webster’s behalf stating “it would be better for Sgt. Webster to die than to take up arms against Muslims.”

how many muslims in the military