Alone with Trump in an Elevator. Two polar opposite stories about Trump from two women who met him in person.

Donald J Trump is certainly multi-faceted man. Here are two stories, from two women who each met Donald Trump in business, at social events and in an elevator. There stories could not be any more different or any more riveting.

Do you believe one account over the other or do both women seem credible? Please let us know your thoughts.

In 2008 I was the Quality Control Coordinator for a top 10 startup in NY.

Mr. Trump hired my company for a project and he asked to speak with me.
We spent about 20 minutes alone in my office discussing our contract and the best way to coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the workers.

I did not know much about Mr. Trump at the time other than his celebrity and business status.

I was pleasantly surprised when he listened to everything I had to say, made eye contact with me the entire time and asked many questions of me. Finally he said “I’m confident that you are the right person for the job”.

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I saw him again about 3 weeks later while I was waiting for an elevator in our building. The doors opened and he exited the elevator with our CEO and two other men I did not know. He stopped when he saw me, shook my hand, said “Hello Rachel” and introduced me to the other two men (two attorneys). He said “Thanks for doing such a great job, I knew you would. Guys, you know why she’s so valuable? She under-promises and over-delivers.”

Sorry if you were hoping that I’d tell you he stuck a dollar bill in my bra.

Rachel M Johanson

trump dividing line

Well, here is my experience with the man and it does go with the perceived narrative. I was working on Wall Street. It was early in the morning and he got in the elevator with me where he proceeded to try to rape me. I started screaming and someone hurt us and that was the only thing that stopped him. By the time I managed to get out of the elevator I was on an empty floor so no one saw him. I was wearing a full business suit and carrying a briefcase in case you’re interested. I reported it to the cops and they refused to go after him because it was my word against his. It was 1984. Women were usually blamed for rape and sexual assaults.

I went to attorneys – they wouldn’t take it either because he had more money than God and I was poor. Their words. I met him again. He came into a meeting where I was present to take notes. He proceeded to tell my bosses, right in front of me, that the only reason I should be in the office is to “serve coffee and give blow jobs.” By that time my bosses realized that the deal he was offering was lunacy and they used that as an excuse to throw him the heck out of the building. I met the man a third time at a business social gathering. He was there with his wife Ivanna. I heard every sort of racist trash coming out of his mouth that there is. He referred to minorities only by lovely monikers like kikes and niggars. He also bragged, right in front of his wife, but he got the maid pregnant in their marriage bed.

I don’t know what Donald Trump you had the pleasure of meeting, but that certainly isn’t the man I met multiple times. He is a POS of the highest order and he should be rotting in jail.

Suzanne LaCour

trump dividing line

Response from Rachel M Johanson.

You are a describing a terrible sequence of events. It must have been difficult for you to be at a social event with him, sitting so close to him, close enough to hear him uttering all of these horrible things. It’s such a shame that no one has ever recorded him saying any of these racists words or deviant confessions. If only people would ever have been recording him. I guess he’s just been clever enough to have never said anything like that when a recording device is near. He’s so clever.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for you Suzanne, to have had someone try to rape you and then end up being near him so often. It’s just horrible! I’m curious, are all of your previous bosses and co-workers far right Republicans? I assume they must be, or else some of them certainly would have come forward to share these horrible stories.

I’m not doubting what you say Suzanne, on the contrary, I’m horrified about your story. It not only shows how evil this man is, it also shows how adept he is at fooling the masses into believing that he has the United States best interests at heart. It must really anger him that under his leadership blacks, latinos and women have more jobs right now than ever. He must be fuming. Somehow he’s tricked the LGBTQ community as well, by being the first Republican president to promote LGBT Pride Month. He’s such a con he’s also started a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in 71 countries, something even Democratic leaders never did; There’s just no end to this guy’s scam. He’s even tricked the Log Cabin Republicans into into endorsing him.

I just don’t know what to say. Your description of the President of the United States of America doesn’t seem to fit what I and others, at least others who don’t harbor some type of grudge or have some type of an agenda see.

But since I’m sure you don’t have an agenda, what you say must be true.

Suzanne, I notice on your social media pages Social Media Pages you talk about witchcraft and faeries and such… a lot. I don’t know anything about that stuff, however I’m curious if you’ve cast any type of magick cleansing spells or protective enchantments on yourself to protect you from the evil spirits that must be associated with Trump?

I’m an Atheist, skeptic and realist, so I don’t believe in ghosts and demons and whatnot, but I will try and be respectful of your beliefs as I’m sure they must be valid, important and seem real to you.

Back to your having repeatedly and personally heard our President, disparaging minorities… I must say It’s just incredible how Trump has fooled so many, for so long, even well before he became the 45th POTUS.

I’m just glad he hasn’t pulled the wool over YOUR eyes Suzanne. You know the truth and I wish you luck with getting your story out there, I’m sure it’s going to be a popular one amongst the very few intelligentsia left, such as yourself.

Hell, look at all of these people he’s fooled.

Rachel M Johanson