Alex Jones Tv 1/2: Commentary by Alex & Aaron on Geithner’s Staged Press Conference

Geithner stages press conference, censors real questions Aaron Dykes February 23, 2010 Thanks to fellow patriot David Barrow for the photo and second video. See more photos of the event here. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner made an appearance alongside IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman at the Joe Stack crash site in Austin, Texas. Their purpose was straightforward to grandstand over an attack on a government agency and to set the scene for demonizing anti-government beliefs. The event was tightly controlled. Despite Geithners being a public figure, and setting the location along a public roadway, real media outlets were kept away on the premise that is was a private event by invitation only. This meant that only trusted network news stations were welcomed through. The Treasury Department, who ran the event, placed further restrictions on media access by setting a registration deadline: Due to security concerns surrounding the site, media wishing to attend must RSVP to Clay Sanford at 214-914-2037 by 12:00 pm CST. This message was sent only to major stations, and did not come in time for Infowars to register. The first wave of the Infowars team showed up more than two hours early to the press conference only to be denied access and told to move to a public viewing area more than 100 yards away from the scene of action. Other Infowars reporters avoided detection and found entrance. However, Geithners appearance was destined to be little more than a glorified photo