Alex Jones Show June 23 2011 – Police Brutality, Talkers Convention (DDL)

Download here: (mediafire direct download) YouTube restricts my uploads to 15 minutes. The download is the free, full version. Alex talks about the arrest of a Rochester, New York, woman for recording the police from her property earlier this year and covers increasing incidents of police brutality as law enforcement spins out of control and victimizes the citizenry they are supposedly hired to serve and protect. Alex talks with nationally syndicated radio talk show host Lionel who introduced Alex at the Talkers Convention’s New Media Seminar held on July 10-11, 2011, in New York. Alex also covers the news and takes your calls. ___________________________________________________ http ___________________________________________________ Alex jones authorizes the use and distribution of his materials for non-profit, educational purposes. Keywords police brutality talkers convention Lionel DDL direct download The Alex Jones Show “Alex Jones” Infowars Prison Planet “Prison Planet” PrisonPlanet “June 23” “6 23” 2011 Illuminati Conspiracy global government globalism new world order no bush obama joker endgame NWO anonymous reddit digg delicious youtube video censorship “Alex Jones Today” “New Alex Jones” middle east libya police state domestic endgame red alert command conquer civilization strategy terror terrorism terrorist terrorists elite