Alex jones – Bob Chapman: Economic Pain For Upholding A Broken System 2_3!

September 9th 2011 We find it amusing that Mr. Bernanke in his press conference after the FOMC last week said, US bank exposure to Greece was minimal. We guess he forgot part of that $16.1 trillion and the credit default swaps from NYC banks to the tune of $150 billion. In addition we do not see the US and England escaping the fallout from Europe. From the very beginning 1-1/2 years ago we told Greece to default and that it was inevitable. Of course, the Greek government did not do that, because they wanted to hand their Illuminist friends Greek assets on a silver platter – that is public and private assets. When Greece goes eventually the other five will fall as well. Banks all over Europe are at risk even German savings banks, many US money market and pension funds have as much as 60% of their assets in instruments belonging to the six weaker nations. That represents a far greater risk than what Mr. Bernanke had admitted. The biggest question is what will the German Federal Court say? Investors had best check with their funds or advisor, or banks and S&L’s to determine just how hard they can get hit. If the Court says it is ok, then in Germany it has to be voted on. It probably will be rejected and that creates a new set of problems.