Alaska State Trooper assaults man

You will see an ambulance with people in the road, inlcuding an Alaska State Trooper. In the background you can see a motorhome that has been backed into a ditch. One man is walking towards a bag on the ground and he slides the bag off to the side with his foot to get it out of the way. In the later police report, the Trooper stated that the bag was kicked in a violent manner….then the officer and the man are talking when, without warning, the state trooper grabs the man and they fall to the ground and a scuffle starts. As a result of this, the man was charged with assaulting the officer, the charges were later dismissed. However, the man then had a label on his name that stated he was offensive towards officers. Because of this label the police have treated this man unfairly about two years later. He was assaulted again by officers, only this time with a taser mulitple times. There is no video on that occasion but there are witnesses. For a misdeamenor offense this man was treated like he was a felon and it was not justified as he was tasered with handcuffs on. Police abuse is not uncommon any more in this day and age. Police are power hungry and some of the officers use their power in a way that violates peoples civil rights. Everyone has a right to be treated in a humane manner. When someone is not trying to escape or especially when they are already in custody, the police do not have the right to abuse their authority by torturing someone with a taser or by delaying