Adam VS The Man with Adam Kokesh (11/22/10) The Government is Lying (5 of 8) This is for your safety. We’re from the government and we’re here to help. I’ve never had a problem getting it up before! As I write this, we are less than one day away from National Opt-Out Day and the storm is brewing. George Donnelly of and joined me tonight to discuss plans and hopes for Opt-Out Day and what comes next. Please check out all the exciting links from tonight’s show. Relevant links – TSA Searches – Are Trains and Subways Next? YouTube – BACKSCATTER X-RAY SURVEILLANCE VANS HIT THE STREETS TSA – Helpful Hints for Holiday Travelers Pajamas Media – What Can Israel Teach the US About Airport Security? New York Times – No Security Pat-Downs for Boehner MSNBC – TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine New York Daily News – Transportation Security Administration: Pilots exempt from full-body scanners, intrusive pat-downs The Schnitt Show – Airport Security Measures Spark Unusual Passenger Reaction UCSF Letter from Professors Regarding Health Threat of Scanners BUY RON PAUL 2012 BUTTONS!!! VETERANS FOR RON PAUL 2012 ABC – White House: Terrorists Have Discussed Use of Prosthetics to Conceal Explosives Alternet – Weirdest Training Drill Ever: Feds Imagine Marijuana Growers Will Launch Terror Attack