9/11 The FDNY Video Team Right After The Demolition Job Tape1 NIST Clips 1-27

Jets Overhead, FBI agent Interviews Camera Crew. As soon as the Towers are down the prepared FDNY video crew hits the streets. Notice they are not covered in dust. Jets overhead, Media supression, NYPD standing around having a coffee break, and Firefighters on Harleys. Amazing video also shows city officials hurriedly leaving after South Tower collapse Steve Watson Prisonplanet.com Wednesday, Oct 27th, 2010 An intriguing video has appeared on You Tube that appears to show a FDNY film crew being interviewed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks by the the director of the FBI’s New York office, who has suspicions that one of the World Trade Center towers took a “secondary hit” before collapsing. The video appears to be part of NIST’s recent FOIA releases and therefore has not been seen before now. On first viewing it appears to be nothing special, just the horribly familiar scenes of dust and rubble from the aftermath of the attacks. However, it contains a stunning exchange between officials and firefighters. The action appears to be taking place immediately after the collapse of the South tower and before the collapse of the North tower. The film crew exits a building and make their way along the dust and debris littered streets. At around 2 mins 50, a man in a suit approaches the crew and announces himself as “FBI, Barry Mawn.” Mawn (pictured below with Rudy Giuliani) was at that time the director of the FBI’s New York office. Mawn then asks the FDNY crew a question in the