911 Most Photographed Victim

Dropped from Wikipedia. Not mentioned at wikileaks. Never noticed at cryptome. The woman in the plane shaped hole that we refer to as Edna Cintron appears in nearly every 9/11 NIST 911 document. As demonstrated with this cropped, slowed and zoomed Jim Huibregtse video (NIST FOIA release), she appeared at the plane shaped hole 3 floors below where she worked no later than 8:46 (yes, before NTSB ntsb.gov/info/Flight_%20Path_%20Study_AA11.pdf www.ntsb.gov said wtc1 was attacked), standing in the plane shaped hole seeking help until her death when WTC1 was demolished with her still there, pleading. Despite being in so many photographs, she has been ignored in every official investigation/analysis of 9/11. She is never mentioned by name nor reference. Mention of her by name and her image were available on Wikipedia several years ago. Now she is gone from wikipedia, and, of course, the US archive which appears to avoid archiving criminal evidence. Of note is the fact that Mark Kendall Bingham has his own page at wikipedia. There are no real images of him. Barbara Olson, who the FBI assures us did not talk to her lying husband Ted (the solicitor general of the United States of America under George dubiya Bush), has her own page at wikipedia. Like Mark Bingham, there are no images of her and, in her case, the plane she presumably rode in, never took off. Edan Cintron, photographed hundreds of times with hours of video. She rates a zero in the official documents and now at