60 Minutes Interviews Julian Assange (Extras) 3/4

LeakSource.wordpress.com Julian Assange Stays On the Move Before being placed under house arrest in Great Britain, Julian Assange lived what could be described a nomadic lifestyle. He explains to Steve Kroft why he was always on the move. Assange’s Defense & Daniel Ellsberg Will the newspapers that published documents obtained by WikiLeaks now help cover Julian Assange’s legal fees? Based on the experience of Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked secret Pentagon papers to the press in 1971, Assange doesn’t think so. Assange On Playing By the Rules Julian Assange argues that while there are rules for soldiers and members of the State Department on disclosing classified information, his actions are protected by the First Amendment. WikiLeaks Plays “Inside the Rules” http www.cbsnews.com ——————————————————————————– If Julian Assange can be silenced, so can every one of us. Stand up, speak up: for him, for yourself, for all of us. Before it’s too late. wikileaks.ch freeassange.org Free Bradley Manning! www.bradleymanning.org freebradley.org Donate to Bradley Manning’s Defense Fund Here: www.couragetoresist.org WikiLeaks Events & Protests wlcentral.org wikileaks.ch http wikileaks.ch twitter.com wlcentral.org Anonymous Operations: anonnews.org anonops.blogspot.com twitter.com Operation Payback www.youtube.com Operation LeakSpin www.youtube.com & crowdleak.net Operation PaperStorm www.youtube.com Operation Bling www.youtube.com