#18 Augustinian «A Mighty Fortress Is Our GOD» at Lutheran Cathedral Oslo Domkirke

The Spear of Destiny | St. Augustine’s «A Mighty Fortress Is Our GOD» (German, Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott) and 1529 INRI Crucifix at Martin Luder’s Oslo Domkirke — Lutheran cathedral completed in 1697. This is Olso’s Second oldest Church dating from 1697 and contains elaborate stained glass from Emanual Vigeland ( the famous Gustav’s brother). The cathedral has been consecrated in 1697. You can see there the Emanuel Vigeland’s stained glass window and the nice altar showing The Last Supper. The altar shovel of the Domkirke was made by Michael Rasch in the 1748. It rappresents the Last Dinner and the Crucifixion. In the years ago it was moved into different Norwegian’s churches but in 1950 it comes back to Oslo. The nice organ was made in the 17th century. Augustine was born in 354 to a pagan father named Patricius and a Christian mother named Monica in the municipium of Thagaste (now Souk Ahras, Algeria) in Roman Africa. It is assumed that his mother, Monica, was of Berber origin, on the basis of her name, but as his family were honestiores, Augustine’s first language is likely to have been Latin. At age 17, through the generosity of fellow citizen Romanianus,[20] Augustine went to Carthage to continue his education in rhetoric. Although raised as a Christian, Augustine left the church to follow the Manichaean religion, much to the despair of his mother, Monica. At a young age, he began an affair with a young woman in Carthage. She was his lover for over thirteen