‎Good vs. the Toronto Police Services-G20 $45 million dollar class action lawsuit

This lawsuit is going to be called Good vs. the Toronto Police Services. FIRE BILL BLAIR!!!! chiefblair.resignnow.ca AmnestyInternational press release on Police misuse of powers during G20 www.amnesty.ca Caring about a deaf man and a amputee isn’t mainstream..lets worry about the property damage right..the police were given orders to stand down and not arrest “Black bloc” when they had the chance..16000 police couldn’t apprehend 100 criminals and protect the public and property? www.torontosun.com In a past summit in montebello Quebec, Police were caught dressing up in black disguises as anarchists and were instigating violence..the term is known as “agent provocateurs” when you have violence, it justifies how much money spent.. it aired on CBC.. www.youtube.com Innocent Deaf man arrested and not given a sign language translator while being detained.. www.theglobeandmail.com A 57-year-old amputee was “brutalized” and “humiliated” by police patrolling the G20 summit when they confiscated his prosthetic leg, labelled it a “weapon” and ordered him to “hop” into a paddy wagon. www.nationalpost.com Toronto Police “staged” a display of weaponry to demonstrate “the extent of the criminal conspiracy” among hard-line G20 protesters, but several of the items had nothing to do with the summit. Police engaging in a deliberate attempt to mislead public and falsify G20 weapon cache www.theglobeandmail.com Police accused of displaying fake G20 weapons www.cbc.ca Blair had already been