Zeitgeist & Lucis Trust Lies part 2 of 2

If you are a Zeitgeist follower, here is a mind blowing video that you absolutely need to watch. Dont be fooled by all the so called truthers. This video opened my eyes even wider and gave me a deeper look into the rabbit hole. I suggest you Watch this video. Then research it and then watch it again. Here is a description: Timing is everything. On September 29, the United States stock market crashed, falling 777 points. Just in time for the fallout, a worldwide financial collapse, the movie Zeitgeist Addendum was released. The film, right on cue, explains the obvious, how a flawed financial system failed, and how it exploited the hard work, savings and investments of all of those that lost their money to this system. It simultaneously heaps blame on free markets and religion, while calling for a global shift in consciousness. This new paradigm is of course an old paradigm. Its an open call for socialism. One need look no further than Karl Marx to see the parallels between Zeitgeist Addendums linking a distaste for free markets and religion. This should set off some rather loud alarm bells in the minds of patriotic and freedom loving Americans. Most of those that have been actively observing the global elite have likewise understand that a pre-planned financial crash has been in the works for some time. Nickolas Sarozky president of the EU says he wants a new global economic system to rise out of the ashes of this crash which, in his own words is expressed as a “new world