WIKILEAK IT [Music Video] – Kaleb Nation ft. Ilana Zackon & Julian Assange

It’s kinda like a Wikileaks love song. ★★ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ★★ FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: ***************************** FOLLOW ME: FRIEND ME: GET MY SHIRTS: VLOGS: DAILYBOOTH: MY BOOKS: SEND ME MAIL: MY BLOG: ***************************** LYRICS: Can you help me Keep a secret Or will you just Wikileak it? Can you keep a secret for a minute or two? I think the CIA should keep their eyes upon you. Cause the way that you sit there and reveal all my secrets has my mind in a flurry and my heart at its weakest. You ever had a party with a CIA agent? Maybe we should leave this club and try to restage it. But tell them our secret then I’ll throw you in jail and make you pay a half a million dollars in bail. Can you help me Keep a secret Or will you just Wikileak it? I’m sending you a message that you better keep secret. I got your phone tapped and I’ll watch as you read it. I think you’ve been spying deep down in my heart cause even overseas they can’t keep keep us apart. You better check yes when I ask if you love me Cause if you say no it’ll probably get ugly. If you don’t love me better have a good reason I’m calling up the Pentagon to charge you with treason.



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