UW-La Crosse Police Arrested Citizen For Video Taping Police Interaction At A Public Debate

Ron Clark private citizen physically removed for showing video camera at a public Congressional debate. The fines that he was charged with amounted to $700. One of the arresting officers was Officer Nikki Miller miller.nic2@uwlax.edu The reason there is no video of the man getting arrested was bc anyone who was not part of the established media who recorded was under threat of arrest. I was not allowed back into the building simply bc while in the building I refused to leave the debate room and go to talk to the police who wanted to question me. I asked to give me a reason for the questioning but they wouldn’t give it. So I refused to go anywhere. Thats when my friend pulled out his camera to record the cops talking with me. When he did this he was immediately arrested for “disorderly conduct” which amounted to showing a camera at a public event in a public venue.