USA and China in a Covert War? Started Nov 8th?

As most of us are looking the other way, these events have occured between Nov 3rd -18th. Please refer to the sources at the bottom of the page. And while our attention and focus was intentionally diverted away with… 1.) TSA full body airport scanners. 2.) GM’s IPO offering on Nov 18th? GM’s IPO price was offered at $33/share. Isn’t the number 33 a masonic number? Masonic Symbolism? Take a look at everything that has been happening over the last few days in and near the North America Pacific coastal areas. Everything is pointing to increased dangers of a global war erupting. After a month of growing tensions with intense economic ‘maneuvering’ between China and America, we now have a most dangerous set of events that have transpired in about one week. On Nov. 8th, a CBS News helicopter captured the vapour trail of a large missile rising from the sea about 35 miles offshore from LA, California. This missile was most likely a SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile), and may have been a JL-2 Chinese SLBM, which has a range of 5000 miles, fired from a Jin Class submarine. Jin Class ‘boomers’ carry up to 12 JL-2 missiles with thermonuclear warheads well over 100 times the power of the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW II. In fact the explosive power of the warheads of the Jin Class subs exceed all the bombs dropped by all sides in WWII. The JL-2 is believed by some analysts to be fully MIRVed with up to 10 hydrogen bomb warheads per missile. The following