Us-Ussr Landing On Mars 1962 Using Alien Technology

This supposedly documents an alleged landing on Mars on May 22nd 1962 (before the official moonlanding in 1969) by a joint US, and USSR exploration team using alien technology. Fragments took from the orignal documentary called Alternative 3; 20 June, 1977, on that Monday evening, the UK’s Anglia Television broadcast the last program in its Science Report series, a series of serious science documentaries that were produced by highly respected science reporters. The program was called Alternative 3, and it was simultaneously broadcast in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Yugoslavia. However, it was never telecast in the United States. Some say that the “powers that be” prevented it from being screened here. The documentary focused on a number of amazing “facts”: – There is a secret joint US/USSR space program that has gone far beyond what the public sees. Astronauts landed on Mars in 1962. It has been discovered that there is other intelligent life in the universe. – The earth is dying. We have polluted it beyond repair. The increasing “greenhouse effect” will cause the polar ice caps and glaciers to melt and flood the Earth. There are three possible solutions for mankind: Alternative 1 – Stop all pollution immediately and blow two huge holes in the ozone layer. This would allow excessive UV light to reach the earth and millions would die of skin cancer. Alternative 2 – Immediately begin digging underground cities for the