UFO The Captive Gray Prisoner Interrogation I “CGI”

Credit to Philipe3D for his amazing work of Art Production MIB Ficiton Film, and for given me the opportunity to upload his two videos in my channel… Man and Black short for MIB… www.youtube.com The Truth of the Captive Gray I & II Read the inf. in English by scrolling down bellow the Alien Pics.. www.mundogump.com.br www.mundogump.com.br The Captive Gray I & II Profile by Phelipe3d Production MIB Fiction Film… Parte 1 www.mundogump.com.b Parte 2 www.mundogump.com.br Parte 3 www.mundogump.com.br Parte 4 www.mundogump.com.br Parte 5 www.mundogump.com.br Parte 6 www.mundogump.com.br Above top secret.. www.abovetopsecret.com