The O Canada Incident !

This is 3 different viewpoints edited together of the O Canada incident involving police attacking peaceful protesters in front of Steve’s Music on Queen St. W. This video combines different footage from local protesters and videographers on the scene from various vantage points so the viewer can see all the surroundings and get a real perspective of what’s happening on the ground and from above. Peaceful protesters gather in front of Steve’s Music on Queen St. W. in Toronto to sing O Canada our national Anthem only to be assaulted, trampled and beaten down by Toronto G20 Police Stormtroopers in Riot Gear without any provocation ! Numerous videos have surfaced over the past several days showing disturbing images of unprovoked police abuse against peaceful protesters throughout the city, as opposed to the media images of Anarchists rampaging through the downtown core, with no police in sight the previous day.