The Alex Jones Show: Alex Takes Calls on Fed Now Seeking to Make Forms of Bartering Illegal! 1/3

COMMENT: As the AP reports, the Southern Poverty Law Center had been tracking and trying to demonize Bernard Von NotHaus, now convicted for his “Liberty Dollar” gold & silver ounces, even before the Feds had brought a case against him. US Attorney Anne Tompkins labeled Von NotHaus’s case as “a unique form of domestic terrorism.” Is it a coincidence that this language was used when Mark Potok of the SPLC has busily been trying to smear supposedly “rightwing” and “anti-government” political entities as ‘domestic terrorists’? Kenneth Schortgen Jr Finance Examiner April 4, 2011 The Federal government is trying to establish bartering private currency of any type as an illegal enterprise in a false interpretation of the court’s recent conviction of Liberty Dollar’s owner Bernard Von NotHaus. In a case where the government used conspiracy and counterfeit charges against NotHaus to establish that he intended to mint and illegally replace US currency with a private one using silver coins, the US Attorney is now parlaying the conviction to say that this ruling sets a precident against any private barter transactions which use any form of currency besides established Federal Reserve Notes. The Federal government also is seeking on April 4th to take receipt of the $7 Million dollars in silver ‘Liberty Dollars’ that were minted and sold by Von NotHaus. The idea for using private currency for barter transactions is not new, and in fact is currently being done in a few cities around the