SmartMeters Now Forced on California Citizens – Alex Jones Tv

Regulators demand PG&E provide opt-out plan for smart meters 2-week deadline for PG&E’s SmartMeter opt-out plan David R. Baker San Francisco Chronicle Posted March 13, 2011 California’s top utility regulator on Thursday gave Pacific Gas and Electric Co. two weeks to propose a way for customers to opt out of receiving the company’s controversial wireless SmartMeters. The move follows mounting complaints about the new electricity and gas meters from people who consider the radiation from cell phones, computers and other wireless devices to be a health threat. Opponents have tried to block SmartMeter installation trucks, while 30 local governments throughout Northern and Central California have called for a moratorium on PG&E’s $2.2 billion meter program. The California Public Utilities Commission, which oversees PG&E, has so far refused to halt the program. But on Thursday, commission President Michael Peevey said he had told PG&E to come up with options for customers who don’t want the wireless meters. “Given the continued strong interest in this issue in parts of Northern California, I have spoken directly with PG&E’s president and asked him to bring to this commission a proposal or a series of proposals that will allow customers with an aversion to wireless devices the option of being metered without the use of wireless technology,” Peevey said.