RAP – Unwrapped

RAP according to Wikipedia:en.wikipedia.org 1st: Text Version of RAP: www.restoreamericaplan.net Fmr Attorney Mark Adams blog rebut excerpt: Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 17:19:34 -0400 webcache.googleusercontent.com There is no such thing as forming grand juries of citizens according to the Constitution. Federal grand juries are drawn from the jury pool in each Federal Court’s district. The grand jurors are selected after answering a few questions such as are you a citizen and have you been convicted of a felony, and then, the court empanels the grand jury. State grand juries are empanelled in the same way. Notice blogger “Libertygal’s” comments www.abovetopsecret.com Blog about the interworkings of RAP chattahbox.com Mother Jones article: motherjones.com Please do a whois on these domains: You may be very surprised what you will find. www.guardiansofthefreerepublics.com www.therestoreamericaplan.com www.gotfr.com www.strategize.com www.libertyforlife.com www.coppercards.com www.infotelesys.com WHOIS – Registrar: DOTSTER Domain Name: GUARDIANSOFTHEFREEREPUBLICS.COM Created on: 05-FEB-10 Expires on: 05-FEB-11 Last Updated on: 06-FEB-10 Administrative, Technical Contact: Elders, Guardian clive@coppercards.com CopperCards EA 210 Sun Crest Dr. Soquel, CA 95073 Registrar: DOTSTER Domain Name: THERESTOREAMERICAPLAN.COM Created on: 05-FEB-10 Expires on: 05-FEB-11 Last Updated on: 04-APR-10 Administrative Contact: Boustred, Clive clive@infotelesys.com InfoTelesys, Inc. 210 Sun Crest Dr