Political philosophies and terrorism

Terrorism is closely associated to political philosophies, particularly in the beginning of the century. Insinuating a state of terror, terrorism plagued Europe, until well into the twentieth century.

In 1918, Lenin founded in Cheka, a secret police organization, to ensure the Bolshevik grip on power. Causing terror on all parts of society opposed to the revolution in the former Soviet Union, communist atrocities and Bolshevik violence involved political and civilian cruelties, executions, deportations, premeditated destruction of population by starvation and deaths resulting from physical detention, or forced labor.

Determined to purge any resistance, active or passive, to their absolute power, the Bolsheviks committed acts of excessive savagery designed to instill fear.  Bolshevik brutality had a profound impact primarily on groups with opposing political views. However, within the context of “de-Cossackization” strategy, the Bolsheviks attacked the aristocracy, the middle class, the intelligentsia, the clergy, the military services and the police. Through the extermination of the Cossacks, a firmly establish population group, the Bolsheviks shot the men, deported women, children and older people and took over their properties and land.

In 1930, the Nazi terror plagued Europe and mostly the Jewish communities. Aiming to self-glorification through glorification of Germany, Hitler established Gestapo, a secret police, to ensure the Nazi evolution and the creation of the Totalitarian State. Hitler used extensive propaganda to manipulate the population and people with opposing views were sent to the concentration camps for re-education. Brutality, terror, deceit and ruthless exploitation was the norm of behavior along with scientific experiments on twins, aiming to figure out how to advance the reproduction methods, to double the output of the German women towards the creation of the Aryan race.

Considering the absolutism in the philosophies of Communism and Nazism, it comes as no surprise that they both considered total solutions to ensure powerful dominance. Within the context of psychological extensions, terrorism acts are the result of an excessive demand of power from people, who desperately need to trade off own deprivations. Hitler was a split personality, eager to dominate not only the Germans but, if possible, the whole world. Lenin was pathologically incompetent to argue intellectually, and he used pseudoscience in his doctrines, while he is responsible for absurdities of the Soviet system at that time. Forget about Communism and Nazism and consider Islam. The absolutism of Islam breeds bigoted Muslim fanatics, who are ready to commit suicide only to prove that killing innocent people is the only means to bring publicity to the holy cause of eliminating any other religious view in the name of Allah.

To my view, terrorism is not only related to political philosophies during different periods of time, but it is a philosophy itself. The person, who adopts your child for ransom, uses terror to get money. The politician, who decides a crazy war, uses terror to get power. Anything irrational, extreme and violent bears a philosophy of terror, fear, and instability.  The way I see it, we need to adopt social consciousness to foster global equality, where social transformation would develop and suppress terrorism is all its expressions. Then and only then, we will eliminate the event of terror in the future years, ensuring global piece for our children.

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