Police shoot family dog over lost wallet – (Very graphic)

A Cookeville police car’s dash-cam that shows Tennessee State Troopers shooting a North Carolina family’s dog at I-40 stop (around 3:03 in the video). It happened while the family was returning from their vacation in Nashville. Police say they stopped them because they “matched the description” in a robbery that had just occurred (they were actually innocent of any crime). The officer who shot the dog (Eric Hall) hasn’t been punished for the episode; he has only been reassigned to “administrative duties”. The Tennessee Department of Safety issued an apology here: tennessee.gov You can hear them saying please don’t let the dog out we’ll get him” and the cop lets the dog out and then shoots him. Here is Pamela Smoaks account of asking, after she was in handcuffs, for the car door to be closed: I asked the officer who was standing next to my son, about two feet from the open door to please shut the door so my dog wouldnt get out. I asked him several times, and he refused to shut the door. My dog then came out of the car and ran towards the officer with the shotgun and flashlight. We started yelling to please let us get him, dont shoot, he was only barking at the flashlight and jumping at the light. My son plays with him using a flashlight. Petition to get the Cop fired: www.petitiononline.com www.putnampit.com www.prisonplanet.com www.lizmichael.com www.cnn.com www.wnd.com